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A crazy show about pop culture! Tony (professional DJ) & Emily (Actress/Comedienne) talk about current & classic movies, TV, books, comics, & games - and are often joined by celebrities & special guests!

September 10, 2015

Episode 03 - Filmation Extrapolation

There are certain film series you've seen in theaters the day they came out... and certain movies that, for whatever reason, you never saw until years after their release.  In this episode, Tony and Emily take a look at two different series that each of them "grew up" with but the other had never seen: for Emily, she loves the HARRY POTTER films (and books!), but Tony only watched the first movie for the first time last week; for Tony, he's enjoyed the RESIDENT EVIL movies in the theaters upon their release, and Emily hasn't seen a single one until watching the first movie just now!  Listen to their different reactions to the films based on when/how the duo viewed them, and laugh along as they try (and largely fail, probably) to extrapolate what they've seen into what they think will happen later in the series.

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